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Visa support

We can turn a troublesome matter of receiving visa into a simple task. DINADIS Company provides visa support services for more than ten years:

  • Free information service;
  • Processing of visas to the most countries of the world;
  • Personalized services;
  • Complex visa support and assistance;
  • Matured experience in vas processing;
  • Visa support of citizens of Ukraine and nonresidents for processing of visas to Europe, Asia, Americas etc.;
  • Processing of entry visas to Ukraine.

With the use of our visa support you will not experience any problem with receiving visas to Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa etc.

Information for guests of Ukraine:

Processing of visas for foreign citizens and stateless persons is performed depending on the scheduled duration of stay in Ukraine.

Do you need support to get entry visa to Ukraine? Contact DINADIS COMPANY and we will be glad to assist you.

TRANSIT VISA (VF). Processing of transit visas is performed if you have valid visa to enter the country, which is next on you travel route, or in case visa is not required to enter that country. You should present tickets for transportation through the territory of Ukraine to the country of destination. Transit visas do not give permission to stay in Ukraine; your trip through the territory of Ukraine to the country of destination must not exceed 5 days for single or multiple entries. Visas cannot be prolonged on the territory of Ukraine.

PRIVATE VISA (VP). This type of visa is intended for guest visits and is issued on the base of the invitation from the resident of Ukraine on the name of the visa applicant, issued by Visa and Registration Department (OVIR). The maximum length of stay in Ukraine for the private visa holder is 180 days. Urgent processing or prolongation of this type of visa is possible in case of compelling reasons only, such as marriage, sickness.

BUSINESS VISA (VB). This type of visa is issued on the base of the invitation of a legal entity, registered in Ukraine according to the national rules and guidelines, and a copy of the Certificate on the state registration of a legal entity. Fax copies of the mentioned document can be also accepted by the Consulates. Duration of stay in the country is up to 365 days. It is practical to process this type of visa if you have an affiliated company in Ukraine and plan frequent and long-term visits to Ukraine. This type of visa can be prolonged in the territory of Ukraine on request of a host party.

TOURIST VISA (VT). This type of visa is issued for those, visiting Ukraine as tourists. The visa holder is allowed to stay in Ukraine up to 180 days with one or two entries. The visa is issued on the base of the invitation from a travel agency or a hotel voucher that confirms the booking for hotel accommodation. Most of Consulates accept fax copies of these documents.

DINADIS Company provides visa support for citizens of Ukraine to enable travelling of our clients abroad, and assists with processing of visa for citizens of other countries, coming to Ukraine as private visitors (business), tourists etc.


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