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Conference service

Our Company has an invaluable 14 years experience of organizing of conferences and events of different levels – from dozens to more than 600 participants.

Organizational process includes developing and consideration of details of the project as well as the specific features of the company. We take into consideration your requirements to the event location, transportation services and technical aspects.

We gathered a wide database of proved conference halls and venues of different capacity, suitable for business meetings, negotiations, seminars, presentations of new products and solutions, organization of national and international congresses and conferences.

Save your time and minimize your company costs – entrust the task to DINADIS Company.

Conference services in Ukraine and abroad includes a variety of tasks:

  • Development of the event concept with account of set tasks and format of the event.
  • Selection of the conference hall (venue) of the required category.
  • Technical provision of the events of any level of complexity.
  • Planning and organization of banquets, coffee-breaks and catering.
  • Support of the event by the Company managers, who are always ready to solve any issue.
  • Printing services.
  • Full range of video and photographic work.

We provide complex corporate services around Ukraine.

We can organize the following events on a turnkey basis – from the idea to implementation:

  • Organization of negotiations and conferences;
  • Holding of congresses;
  • Arrangement of business meetings;
  • Holding of round tables;
  • Arrangement of seminars;
  • Presentation of the new products and solutions;
  • Organization of corporate events.

Complex conference service will ease you of care.

We understand your aim to receive the impeccably organized event, therefore we offer support in conduction of negotiations, business meetings, summits and conferences of any level of complexity.

Why is it beneficial for your Company to entrust organization of business meetings and conferences to DINADIS?

  • Time and cost saving, since DINADIS takes care of the whole process of conference organization.
  • Ten years of successful cooperation with the biggest Ukrainian and international companies.
  • Special rates for hotel accommodation in Ukraine and abroad.
  • Cooperation with the best country house hotels around Ukraine.
  • Free information service regarding hotels, conference halls and restaurants, and other services.
  • Special discount for the events on a turnkey basis.
  • Free delivery of documents (vouchers, air tickets, accounting documents) to your office.
  • Convenient payment method.


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