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Warning about frauds!

Dear Partners,
Please, pay attention that lately the number of frauds using “DINADIS” LLC brand has increased in the Internet. The same is true about emails sent on behalf of DINADIS company to the hotels abroad. As a rule it is a booking request paid with the credit card via authorisation form. Upon the check-out fraudsters address the bank to claim their money back.

Fake requests and bookings are sent from res@dinadis.eu emailbox. The emails may seem valid, with the logo taken from the official web page of the company, but they have nothing to do with DINADIS actual activities.

Please, pay close attention to the domain the request has been sent from! Official email address of DINADIS company is @dinadis.ua. There should be no differences, because UA is the only domain zone we are using!

What to do if you have got an email request?

  • Check it carefully
  • Do not reply it
  • Apply spam filter
  • If possible, let us know about requests which seem suspicious
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